February Bloom Box - Hands On!

These Bloom Boxes have been a goal of mine for a while. Personally... I'm obsessed with getting monthly boxes. I've tried them all! The thought of being able to send out monthly treat boxes to others really makes me happy and proud to do what I do.

Every month, with the launch of the new Bloom Box - I will also write a blog post telling you all about the excitement inside it.

So let's get started.

This month's theme is HANDS ON... and with good reason. I'm a Nail Tech first and foremost, and hands/nails are my passion. I have always said that even if you're not a fan of Nail Polish or Shellac... keeping up the maintenance of your hands and nails is so important. Especially in today's climate, where hygiene is paramount.

All this hand washing and the use of alcohol gel is taking it's toll on our hands.

Alcohol dries quickly and takes any oils and hydration left on the skin with it... so this month's box will help to protect and re-hydrate!

Let's take a look at what this month's Bloom Box provides.

First up - the very famous, and very loved Dadi'Scrub.

A lot of you already love this little bottle of magic, and it seemed only right that I included it in the first Bloom Box!

Dadi'Scrub is a beautiful and natural scrub made from both salt & sugar, and also contains coconut and safflower oil. It's aroma smells a lot like Lemon Drizzle too which is the best thing about it!

This product will gently exfoliate your hands and cuticles, and leave a smooth and conditioned feeling after. It's the ultimate treat and you NEED to try it!

I couldn't give you one without the other!

Next you'll get a bottle of Dadi'lotion, to perfectly finish and compliment the treatment for your hands.

Dadi'lotion has the same beautiful aroma too so I promise you'll love this as much as the scrub.

It will quickly penetrate the skin and is non-greasy, which basically means it's the perfect hand cream. It's formula is designed to increase moisture retention in the skin too, which will help to prevent ageing.

And to treat the cuticles... you'll get a mini bottle of the famous Dadi'Oil.

Dadi’Oil was created by Jim Nordstrom, who also created the CND Solar Oil. So you can see why I love it so much.

It's 95% Certified Organic and is made up of more than 20 naturally derived ingredients and essential oils. It's designed to deliver flexibility and toughness to the nail, including Lavender, Bergamont and Vanilla.

I'm including this is the box because I know how much you're all loving the scrub and lotion... and I know that if you love SolarOil, you'll love Dadi'Oil just as much.

Next up we have a full size bottle of Seche Retain.

I've been using this product for a few months and I can honestly say it's one of the best nail strengtheners I've tried. It's designed to keep nails strong and protect against every day damage. It's more than just maintenance, because used regularly this strengthener will be therapy to help keep your nails long, strong and beautiful!

Alongside all these amazing products, you'll get a CND Kanga File to help keep on top of any snags or shaping you may need. It's important when you're using a file on the natural nail that you use the correct grit. Always use a 240 grit as this will help to smooth and not damage the free-edge fo your nails.

It wouldn't be a Bloom Box if there weren't treats and a reason to stop and relax. You'll see.

I know it's really difficult to see just how amazing these boxes will be - so I'm hoping that these blog posts will give you an idea. I've been stuck in a bit of a rut since Christmas, and I know I'm not the only one. So my goal with these boxes is to provide self care, self love, relaxation, happiness and good quality products.