I'm a Finalist!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a very exciting and humbling email. I've been shortlisted for not one, but TWO Hair & Beauty Awards.

Nail Tech of the Year 2021

Best Social Media 2021

I wanted to follow up this amazing news with a blog post to talk about this amazing achievement. If you know me well enough... you know I'm not one to blow my own trumpet. However, hearing this news has made me feel so proud and honoured!

How did it begin?

My Bloom with Beth journey started many many years ago. I was in sixth form studying business and drama, and my mum suggested that I enrol in evening courses to learn a skill I could fall back on. It's almost like she knew how my life would pan out.

We chose Nail Technology and Nail Treatments.

I suffer with imposter syndrome - which is basically a lack of confidence for yourself and what you are doing. The irony is - that people who suffer with imposter syndrome tend to be the very successful in life. They are always pushing themselves to be better - and reaching for more.

I will write a little more about this subject in another blog post, because it really interests me and I think it's a huge issue for many.

I am also the sort of person that has an idea and runs with it. My family and friends would say that I obsess over my ideas until they come to life - which I wouldn't necessarily say was a bad trait to have.

From the day I decided to start Bloom with Beth to now... just over TWO years later. Here I am announcing that my hard work is being recognised!

In one of the early Scratch the Surface podcasts - I am heard saying that I would never put myself forward for any award because I was sure that I wouldn't win it. But why should that stop me from trying?

I don't know what came over me when I applied for the Hair & Beauty awards - but I do know I'm very very pleased that I did.

Even if I don't end up winning... this will be the first of many many great achievements in my career.

So what am I going to do with my new achievement?

As we are currently in Lockdown - for god knows how much longer, I know that my business is required to change a little to suit the situation and climate.

I originally decided to apply for Best Social Media because I'm very proud of everything I've done with my facebook, instagram and website. Now adding a Blog and Online Shop too. I've done everything myself with no professional help... so it's a huge strength of mine.

I want to move this forward and having recognition of my social media helps massively.

Being a Nail Technician of the Year finalist is a huge confidence boost - and truthfully, I really just wanted to know if I would be considered. The very fact that HABA placed me on the short list for this award is crazy but very humbling.

I can't wait for Bloom with Beth's future... and the plans I have to grow my business even more.

I'm so pleased that you're coming with me too.

Beth xx

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