March Bloom Box - Spring in your Step!

I've thought long and hard about the theme for this month's box, and Spring in your Step was definitely the best one.

With the fantastic news of the roadmap back to normality, and the sun and blue skies coming out more.... the need for a pedicure is growing!

So this box will provide you with everything you need to pamper your tootsies this spring.

When you're looking after your feet... first things first. You need a good soak. So inside your box you will find a Sample Sized tube of Footlogix Foot Soak.

This soak is the best I've ever used as it contain anti-microbial properties which really help to soften and hydrate dry and rough skin. It will also restore the PH balance in your feet meaning it won't leave them feeling dry after. I know so many people that use this in their bath... so it's the perfect way to start off your pedicure.

Plonk yourself on the edge of the bath reading a book, or relaxed on your sofa with your feet in the washing up bowl. You don't need anything too fancy - just as long as you're relaxed.

Did you know: Soaking the feet may seem a little silly... but we do it with good reason. Not only does it cleanse your skin (much like if you were cleansing your face) so it's ready for the next steps but it is said to improve circulation and gives you a lovely boost of energy.

This soak is included in your box as a sample size, but if you'd like to purchase the full size - let me know.

Next, we've got a FULL SIZE pot of The Body Shop Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub.

Once your feet are all soaked and supple, it's time to buff away any dead skin and bring them back to life. Well this scrub is perfect for that!

It's enriched with a combination of peppermint essence oil and exfoliating volcanic rock granules - so it will really get to work on your hard skin, leaving your feet relaxed, refreshed and good as new!

Of course it wouldn't be a Bloom Box without my all time favourite foot treatment from Footlogix.

Make way for a Mini Footlogix DD Cream Mousse Formula.

This hydrating yet lightweight creamy mousse locks moisture into the skin with each application. It's non-greasy, fragrance free, safe for diabetics and ideal for sensitive skin.

I use Footlogix as my main brand in the cabin... and I know for a fact that you all love it as much as I do - and if you haven't experienced it. This mini mousse will be enough to make you fall in love!

You only need a small amount of this mousse... and a little goes a long long way. You'll notice it sinks into the skin so quickly and that's why Footlogix is so amazing. This technology is called "derma infusion" and it allows the product to penetrate into your skin quicker.

How cool is that?

Next up we have a FULL SIZE Cooling Foot Lotion from The Body Shop to refresh and moisturise your feet.

Why not have another healthy dose of moisture - plus the cooling peppermint tingle to finish off your home-pedi.

This lotion will seal in the benefits of the Footlogix Mousse with ease... and leave your feet feeling on top of the world. You can use this daily (alongside the mousse) and I promise that you'll notice results every single time.

Oh, and we won't stop there!

After you've treated your feet... you'll have a brand new pair of fluffy slipper socks waiting to keep them warm and cozy. Along with treats to make you smile and feel good and relax.

The March Bloom Box is a bargain.... once again retailing for £35, and it's yours today for just £25.

Head to my shop to order your box NOW!

Wednesday 3rd March 202 @ 12pm1:

Join me LIVE on The Bloom Club Facebook page, where I will be talking through all the products in the box and how to use them.