Post-Lockdown Appointments FAQ's

The excitement is REAL!

I'm literally counting down the days until the government announce the next phase of the roadmap can go ahead.

Of course, there's every possibility that they will delay it... but we are staying positive.

I know you're all excited and keen to book in because I'm getting a lot of messages every day. It's so hard to get information out there to you all, as it seems there are so many different platforms that people prefer to use. Sometimes information gets lost.

With that in mind... this blog post with FAQ's will explain exactly what will happen when we get that green light... to put your mind at rest.

I'm on your waiting list, when can I book in?

As soon as the government confirms that I am allowed to start working again... I will start contacting my waiting list in the order that you were added.

Those people who had appointments cancelled before Christmas will be contacted first as they are at the top of the list.

Note: Please do not contact me or panic if you don't get a text straight away. There are over 50 people on my waiting list this time... which is AMAZING and I'm so grateful, but this means it will take me a while to get through to everyone. Please be patient.

Can I book online?

If you're on my waiting list, you'll need to book in by replying to my Whatsapp message or phone call first of all.

Once I have booked the whole waiting list in, I will then turn my online booking system back on. I will also send out a notification on all platforms to let you know the system is back up and running.

Can I book up my next few appointments when you contact me?

To make it fair for everyone, I am only allowing one appointment to be booked when I start taking bookings.

Once everyone is booked in and my online booking system is LIVE... this is where you'll be able to contact me or hop online to book in your future appointments.

I'm not on your waiting list... how do I join it?

Text me (preferably Whatsapp) on 07922385193. I'll add you straight away.

I have a Black Friday Package or Gift Voucher from 2020... can I still use it?

Of course!! I am happy to honour all gift cards and packages until they are fully redeemed.

The money I made from these gift cards and packages kept my business ticking during lockdown, so thank you for supporting me during this difficult time.

A note on Patch Testing...

Over the next few weeks I will be in touch with everyone who will need a patch test for HD Brows, HD Brow Sculpt & LashUS Lash Lift.

You will be required to have a new patch test, even if you've had the treatments before. This is because a lot of time has passed since your last appointments, but also because Covid-19 changes things.

Having contracted the virus or even having the vaccine is classed as a "change in medical history" which means that I will legally need to patch test you again.

With this in mind, it's easier to perform a new patch test on everyone who would like the above treatments. Let's call it a fresh start!

Pre-Pay Option

Lockdown has been hard on small businesses up and down the country... and some businesses won't survive. I am lucky enough to be supported throughout but I don't have the money behind my business to completely restock everything ready for opening. Some treatments may be off the menu until I can earn money to afford the products and stock.

I have decided to give everyone on my waiting list an option to pay for their first appointment in advance with a 10% discount. Please contact me if this is something you'd be willing to do.

So when will all this happen?

Well... we are due to hear from the government very soon, and I should think I'll know at least 1 week before the 12th if it's a yes or a no.

So keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed for more (good) information coming very very soon.

I hope this post has helped - and of course, if there are any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm excited to see you soon,

Beth xoxo