The Body Shop has Landed!

I'm always looking for new ways to diversify and grow my business and It's no secret that this is such a good idea these days.

Making the decision to start retailing The Body Shop really wasn't that hard for me... it felt like the perfect move!

I'm a fully trained makeup artist with a huge passion for all things beauty and skincare. Even though I'm not qualified in the skincare part - I'm always researching and learning about what's out there. I've used The Body Shop for years, and it's always been a firm favourite.

The Body Shop is a long standing brand with HUGE ethics. They donate to charities, empower women, campaign against the likes of testing on animals, produce vegan products and most importantly... they're not afraid to make a change.

They stand for everything that I want my business to be associated with. They champion women and say we should love the skin that we're in and I'm here for it!!

I will be featuring The Body Shop Products on my social media and especially in my The Bloom Club Facebook Group. Get ready for the lives, demos, tutorials and reviews! Don't miss out either - because there's always a deal or offer!

If you'd like to order anything, just pop me a message through any of the links on my website.

Let's address the Pyramid Scheme Myth...

Yes, I know what you're thinking. I was there!

There's such stigma around MLM's and Pyramid Scheme and I wanted to use this opportunity to explain the difference.

A Pyramid Scheme is illegal in the UK, and the business model is unethical.

Why would The Body Shop At Home associate themselves with this?

Well they haven't. This is not what they are!

When someone signs up to a Pyramid Scheme, there's normally a HUGE investment to start... and there's no product involved either. The person at the bottom does all the work.... while the person at the top enjoys all the benefits and income.

These are scams. End of.

An MLM (otherwise known as Multi-Level Marketing) is completely different... although unfortunately gets tarnished with the same un-ethical brush.

There's a small fee to sign up which get's you a business kit. This is usually worth a lot more than you've paid for it... and helps you to make your business a success.

There's no business owner in the world who would say they didn't have to invest a little bit of money before their business could grow. How do you think I got my cabin, equipment and Shellac?

There's a product to sell, and the person who "recruits" you doesn't get a fraction of your commission... you do!

In The Body Shop's case, my beautiful friend will get a Bonus if I do really well - but that doesn't come out of my commission. That's The Body Shop rewarding her for training and supporting me.

If you did well at work - your boss would probably reward you too!

75% of consumers use social media when they're shopping online.

This says it all!

The high-street was declining even before Covid... that's a fact. Online shopping is the way forward.

Online marketing is such an amazing business skill to have. I know for a fact that I've learnt a lot from doing Scentsy - and I loved the experience so much I wanted to bring The Body Shop into my business.

Dame Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop) is an activist at heart. She built her business to empower women and create a change. She doesn't stand in the way of anyone wanting to do the same.

I think all business practices would improve immeasurably if they were guided by 'feminine' principles.


If you want to try something - what's stopping you! I knew that I wanted to bring more makeup/skincare content and information into my business - because it's my passion. The Body Shop At Home are helping me do just that!

I'm not here to force you into anything... unless you want the experience and opportunity, but ultimately that's your decision.

Just know that if you did decide you wanted to try something new... Bloom with Beth would be behind you all the way!

All I wanted to address here is the stigma and judgement. I haven't tarnished my business with a bad brush. I'm diversifying and growing it into something that will stand even when a pandemic tries to take it down!