Thank you for purchasing The Removal Kit!

This kit will provide you with everything you need to remove your Shellac safely and with no damage.

On this page, I will provide you with all the information and instructions you need to use your kit successfully.

There's a helpful demo video just below the instructions too.

The Removal Kit

Instructions for Removal

First of all, set out your kit and lay a thick towel down.

Whether you're sat on the sofa in front of the TV, or at your kitchen table... the acetone can damage a lot of materials, so having an old towel will ensure that everything is protected.

One at a time, saturate the cotton on each nail wrap with acetone.

Lay the cotton onto your nail and tightly wrap the foil round your finger.

Give the foil a good squeeze to make it as tight as possible. 

Repeat this for every finger.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and chill.

After 15 minutes - unwrap each finger (one at a time) and use the wooden stick to tease the Shellac off of your nail.

Ensure all the shellac is off.

Saturate the lint free wipes with a final splash of acetone and give each nail a thorough rub clean.

Use the nail file to shape your nail and finish with a bit of CND SolarOil.

You might find it easier to do a few fingers at a time, or one hand at a time.

You don't need to apply pressure and you may even notice the Shellac will fall off into the nail wrap.

Demo Video

Product Information

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